We must develop the future social care workforce

Paul Allen, Chief Executive

Next week, some of our fantastic staff will have the pleasure of attending the New City College Careers Fair at Redbridge College Campus. We love being a part of these events; it’s a chance for us to meet young people and tell them all about the exciting opportunities in the social care sector, while demonstrating the range of exciting careers on offer at Vibrance.

Social care is a truly rewarding industry. It’s a sector where you have the opportunity to make a huge impact, providing people with a chance to live independently and experience opportunities they may not otherwise get. Young people thinking about possible career paths may be unaware of the benefits of this sector. It’s incumbent on Vibrance, and the sector as a whole, to demonstrate the opportunities and rewards.

We as an industry face an ever-growing need to find new staff. The social care sector is currently in the midst of a skills gap that desperately needs filling. This was demonstrated by a recent report from Skills for Care, which found that on any one day there are 90,000 job vacancies in England in the sector. This is a huge number of open positions and if we are to truly ensure people have access to the support they need and deserve, then we need to rise to this challenge and do more to promote our industry.

It is likely that this workforce demand is going to increase further. For example, as people live longer, they are going to require more care and support than previous generations. If we are not able to attract new staff into the industry then these people are not going to be able to receive adequate care as there will not be the staff numbers to meet demand.

With that in mind, events such as the New City College Careers Fair are not just a chance for us to raise awareness of careers at Vibrance, they are also necessary for us to represent the social care sector as a whole and make sure that as many people as possible are aware of opportunities in the industry. This can help to ensure that organisations have the workforce they need and help prevent any crisis that may affect services and their users in the future.

Social care can provide people with such a great opportunity, whether you are changing careers or leaving education and looking for your first job. It teaches you a range of useful and interchangeable skills and allows you to make a positive impact on people’s lives, all in a sector that offers a career where you can grow and develop. We look forward to attending New City College on the 7th of November and sharing all this information and more with the students – and hope that through talking about our experiences we can encourage as many of them as possible to move into this wonderful sector.