Seeking Employment – Jon Farmer from Pinewood at Smithsfield

How did we find out about GO4 Café?

Andrew Mackenzie, Jon farmers key worker found GO4 Café enterprise through a café that they use to run in Colchester Town centre. This was moved and re-located to the local park near Smithsfield which was an ideal location for Jon as he lives very close by.

What was the process?

After Jon finished working with Book Rest Café in early 2016, which he had been doing voluntarily for many years Jon had the opportunity to find something new. As he enjoyed working at the Café, he was quite sad to leave.  Andrew, Jon’s keyworker then sat down with Jon and asked him what he would like to do next over a couple of chats here and there – Jon said he wanted to do Cafe based work like he did at the Bookrest Café.

“I found out about GO4 Café as I had once visited there myself outside of work and I knew they worked with adults with learning disabilities.” He got an application form and with support, Jon completed the form.

“I approached the GO4 Café team and spoke with Pepi Sanchez (the Manager) we both met with Pepi for an interview.” Jon was successful and started 8th June 2018.

What does Jon do at Go4 Café and how is he getting on?

At the GO4 café, Jon helps to set up the patio area, takes out tables, chairs, plant pots and cafe signs. He waters the plants and cleans the tables inside and outside of the cafe. He also fills up drinks and the fridge, helps make sandwiches, washes up, wraps up the cutlery and fills up the sugar pots and crisps stand. He takes drinks and food orders to customers – Pepi helps him to serve customers on the till to take the money for what’s purchased. Jon is supervised at all times from Pepi.

Jon seems to be doing very well there. Pepi, the owner praises Jon:

“We are very excited and happy for Jon in this new work experience that he has gained and we hope that we can give it to as many people as we can”.

“Jon is gaining skills and confidence in the role that he is involved with at the Cafe and we are very pleased to have him with us.  Jon always comes to work on time with a smile on his face. He is very polite with us and with the customers, always up to help in anything that is needed, always leaves very happy and seems to very much enjoy the time helping others. He has very good sociable skills and is funny most of the time. Everyone loves him and his attitude at work is fantastic! We are very glad to have him on our team’