Paul Allen, CEO of Vibrance, takes part in Leaders Council roundtable discussion

On 25th October, leaders from the care industry gathered at the Caledonian Club in West London to discuss the status of care workers in the United Kingdom.

The roundtable discussion was prompted by members of The Leaders Council who have raised concerns about the way care workers are perceived in comparison to those in the NHS.
Issues discussed included funding, recruitment, retention and progression within the industry.

Following the discussion, the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will write to relevant figures in parliament informing them of the points that were raised.

Speaking after the event, Craig Wilmann, director of the Leaders Council said, ‘It was a real pleasure to host this discussion. We will do everything we can to amplify the concerns that were raised. There are no easy solutions but it is essential that people in power listen to those who are working in the sector day in day out.’

Leaders Council chairman Lord Blunkett said, ‘These discussions are vital to bridging the gap between leaders in parliament and leaders out there in the country at large. I’d like to thank all the attendees for their contributions.’