Rook Lodge

Supported Living

Our supported living service is designed to allow people across Essex to live with a greater level of independence. Part of this solution is through our supported living accommodation. You can find an overview of each home below, or click on the links for full details.

Registered Care

Our registered care homes provide a homely shared living environment and are externally regulated by Care Quality Commission.

Here at Rook Lodge, in Ilford, we provide 24 hour care and support for adults with long-term mental health illnesses.

Accommodation at Rook Lodge ranges from bed sits, self-contained flats and a maisonette, each with their own en-suite, so there is something for everyone.

Our foremost mission is to promote and develop service users’ independence and empower the people we support to access services and facilities in the local community. Rook Lodge is situated near Redbridge underground station and has excellent travel links, making it easy for service users to access the community.

Our staff possess a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, and see it as their mission to make a difference in people’s lives and treat each person as an individual.

We firmly believe that by having a caring attitude and providing continual support at an appropriate level, we enable service users to reach their full potential. Staff will spend time with each service user to help them develop new skills, or rekindle skills and activities they once enjoyed, helping them to lead a more fulfilling independent life.

We strive to support our service users to achieve their goals – with a recent notable success story was supporting someone in going out independently and making decisions about his life, whilst also re-establishing a relationship with his family.

“The fact I have worked for Vibrance at Rook Lodge for the past 23 years says it all. Vibrance is a dedicated company, which puts the emphasis on excellent care and investing in training, to furnish their staff with the correct tools to deliver the excellent care provided.” – Lynda, Rook Lodge deputy manager

“I like the fact that we are all on the same level here, there is no feeling of ‘us and them’. We all sit and chat together in the lounge, and it is a safe environment. I feel really comfortable and happy here.” – Rook Lodge service user