Based in Wanstead, Redbridge Day Opportunities provides support to those with severe learning disabilities, based on their personal abilities and hopes and dreams.

We offer a way of improving people’s lives by providing them with a wide range of activities that are not delivered only from a set base, but take place using local community facilities.

We encompass four different areas of growth and development – health and wellbeing; education; social and leisure; and working towards employment.

We work closely with the people we support to increase their confidence, independence, health and wellbeing, whilst assisting them to participate fully in the local community, this in turn may enable a safe reduction in support hours.
Service users may choose one or all four areas as part of their service plan.

Our diverse staff team are specifically trained in areas of support, ranging from assisting people in various activities to managing and lowering challenging behaviour using Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). PBS enables people that use our service to access and use facilities in the local community in a positive and meaningful way.

Day Opportunities offers a base for those that find it difficult to manage community based activities, either due to their health or behaviour.

We have the use of a fleet of well-maintained vehicles which is used for transport of our service users and if needed, community activities for those that would find it difficult to use community transport.

“I enjoy the challenges of finding ways to enable service users to reach their full potential and to enrich their own lives on their own terms” Staff member Ramesh

“We would like to thank Vibrance Day Opportunities for the service that they provide for both P himself and directly or indirectly the rest of his family. In particular the way the service “dovetails” in to the changing arrangement when he stays with Vibrance Green Lodge. It is clear to see by his demeanour when he comes home that he has been well looked after, stimulated and valued” Parent

“Our son has been using Vibrance Day Opportunities for 12 years. The people who work with him are very efficient and friendly, we would recommend this service to any potential service user.” Parent