The Phoenix Group

Tower Hamlets

We will support people to enjoy range of activities in their local community according to individual needs and wishes.

We’re very proud of our Phoenix Group, which is a modern community hub in the heart of Spitalfields, which also houses a vibrant café offering work placements and experience to people with learning disabilities.

We aim to provide people with the skills to live an independent a life as possible and we believe in focusing on helping to realise the dreams and ambitions of those we support.

Amongst other activities, we hold weekly drama sessions to give our service users the opportunity to develop social and therapeutic skills, which in turn enables them to improve their physical and mental health.

We also operate a busy café at the site, which is staffed by service users and gives them the opportunity to learn valuable social and practical skills, and also allows them to integrate into society and their local community.

Our experienced staff team are as diverse as the people we support and the activities we offer, and all have the same aim of helping service users work towards greater independence.

One of the biggest challenges we faced at the Phoenix Service – and one which we are happy to say we have successfully overcome – was to change the general public’s perception of people with learning disabilities.

When we first moved to the Spitalfields site in 2012, our service users had a very different experience than the rest of the general public, even when using local shops. Thanks to their perseverance and our support, they are now welcomed as part of the local community.

“Ashley always loves going to Phoenix centre, especially on a Thursday when she works in the café. Ashley always has a smile on her face, I’m so proud of her. Thank you staff for all your support.” – Bernadette Mulcahy

“My daughter is supported extremely well, she thoroughly enjoys this service. She is very happy there, so that makes me happy too. The staff works in a caring and professional way to ensure her needs are met.” – Wendy Mcann