Mason Way

Supported Living

Our supported living service is designed to allow people across Essex to live with a greater level of independence. Part of this solution is through our supported living accommodation. You can find an overview of each home below, or click on the links for full details.

Registered Care

Our registered care homes provide a homely shared living environment and are externally regulated by Care Quality Commission.

Here at Mason Way, which was the first Vibrance project to be developed in Essex, we provide a safe and comfortable home with 24 hour support for up to ten adults with learning difficulties.

Our foremost mission is to support residents with everyday living, whilst encouraging them to be as independent as possible and live the life they choose.

Our highly-experienced staff use person centred planning, whilst liaising with other care professionals, to work in each individuals best interests, encouraging them to talk openly about themselves, what they like to do and in taking care of themselves.

We firmly believe that our residents should be involved in making decisions about the home, and as a result of this their independence and confidence has increased, and they take more pride in their environment.

Our residents are encouraged to spend time pursuing their interests and hobbies, and are supported by staff to arrange holidays and outings in the community. To enjoy some peace and quiet, residents can spend time in the home’s garden, which offers a calm and relaxing environment.

“I have worked here for three years and it is such a privilege to be part of a caring team, in a warm and supportive environment. I always look forward to coming to work, and really enjoy my time at Mason Way. The work and care ethos at Mason Way is excellent, and it is something we are all very proud of.” – David, Mason Way support worker

“I have been at Mason Way for 22 years, and I really like the staff and living here. I like being able to have my independence, but also the support I receive with cooking.” – Maxine, Mason Way resident