Green Lane

Specialist Autism Services

Vibrance provides specialist services for adults with a range of learning disabilities, complex needs and specifically those on the Autistic Spectrum.

Green Lane is a new specialist autism service which provides support for adults with the most complex of needs.

Here at Green Lane, we’re unique in that we recognise that day opportunities can be difficult to access for some individuals for a variety of reasons.

We have established an individualised service for people who struggle with groups, noise, over stimulation and sensory overload. Our service allows people to access the community and have a healthy daily experience, but with the added benefit of having access to an individualised space to alleviate anxieties as and when they need it.

We also have a separate respite space to allow people to purchase overnight accommodation with their own staff, enhancing their opportunities for independence from the family home.

Activities on offer include a range of social and leisure activities including country walks, an outdoor gym, swimming, bike rides, bowling, ice skating and day trips. We also support people to attend college courses and our in-house offer include a mini gym and therapy room, a games room, cooking and music sessions and chill out time.

All of our clients have 1:1 or 2:1 tailored support to ensure all of their needs are met and we carry out thorough assessments and build positive relationships with all those we support.


“When Carl was introduced to Green Lane, he had 2:1 support and community-based activities were rare. Carl has very rigid thought processes, but by staff building empathetic relationships and using such tools as social stories and coping strategies, he now goes swimming, eats out and attends a college course with 1:1 staffing.”