Glengall Road

Supported Living

Our supported living service is designed to allow people across Essex to live with a greater level of independence. Part of this solution is through our supported living accommodation. You can find an overview of each home below, or click on the links for full details.

Registered Care

Our registered care homes provide a homely shared living environment and are externally regulated by Care Quality Commission.

Here at Glengall Road, we provide a safe, friendly and comfortable home with 24 hour support for up to seven adults with learning difficulties.

Our foremost mission is to encourage independence and empower the people we support to take ownership of their lives by ensuring they are involved in decisions that affect them, from leisure activities to improving their home and personal spaces.

Our highly-experienced staff see it as their mission to make a difference in people’s lives and actively celebrate and embrace the differences that each individual brings to the home.

We firmly believe that by having a caring attitude and the best training possible, along with a lot of patience and understanding, our staff are not only able to meet the needs of those they support, but actively help service users to overcome the most difficult of challenges and achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our service users are enabled to pursue a range of new interests such as swimming, aromatherapy, Zumba, baking and music sessions to fulfil their goals and ambitions, and to gain valuable life skills to enhance their quality of life and promote their wellbeing.

“I have worked here for around 25 years and I really enjoy it. I love spending time with the service users and taking part in the different activities we offer. Glengall is a warm, friendly place and I feel like I’m part of the family.” – Maria, Glengall support worker

“I have enjoyed working at Glengall for over 19 years. I have built up a great relationship with all of the service users and other staff members, and have been given some excellent training along the way.” – Akosua, Glengall project worker