Hail/Vibrance Travel Services

A range of services supporting people with learning disabilities, autism and long-term health conditions to travel independently on public transport throughout London

Travel Services

Our travel services are all about community presence and using public transport, cycling and walking.

We have a clear pricing structure and can provide local authority commissioned services or individual packages for people on direct payments.

We support people from ages 13 to develop their travel skills.

HAIL/Vibrance have operated successful Travel support services throughout London since 2008. These services operate on an individualised support level and aim to support people travelling as independently and safely as possible.  The services they provide include:

  • Individualised travel-training
  • Group Travel Training
  • Travel support with Travel-mates- peer support
  • Travel advice and training for professionals, organisations groups and carers

We work with young people and adults with a range of support needs including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

Being able to travel is an important skill for life and we believe that everyone has the right to travel safely and as independently as possible. Independent travel increases and develops:

  • Self esteem
  • Opportunities for learning and employment
  • Confidence
  • Personal safety

HAIL/Vibrance Travel Services has a clear referral process. Referrals are taken from schools, family/carers, service users and professionals. New referrals are recognised within three working days and initial assessments in place within two weeks. Each service user has a dedicated travel worker matched by skills, cultural needs, gender, personality and interests.  This is developed into a travel action plan including a full risk analysis, agreed goals in place and agreed completion times, this is reviewed regularly between the travel trainer and the customer.

Travel Training is personalised to the individual, using a range of communication and training techniques.

We work with support networks to plan training needs.

Timescales for travel training for each student is unique to them and can be anything between 1 month.and 1 year. The most important things are that the learner can travel independently, comfortably, and safely.

The travel training programme includes:

  • Learning a route
  • Using different forms of transport
  • Recognising risks and danger including road safety and stranger dangers.
  • Using technology to manage travel
  • Personal safety and safe places to get help
  • Managing anxieties
  • Understanding changes to routes and transport

Travel-mate is a peer support system for people who are going to need a long-term solution for travel.

This stops the need for using traditional minibus style transport to go to day services, work and education. As well as giving people the skills to actively use public transport, it provides a quicker and more reliable service.

The majority of people who are employed as Travel-mates have a learning disability, Autism or a long-term health condition.

As a Supported Employer – Independent travel may be seen as a risk but we can clearly illustrate through our experience that risks are a lot lower than imagined and can be alleviated by good practice, skills and good management systems.

To reduce fears about travelling we attend parent’s forums, providers’ groups, local professional meetings and internal reviews. We like to involve carers and service users who use or have used our services and can explain how it has supported them.

It is essential that the service concentrates on developing the independence and skills of the customer.


““I never believed that Bobby would be able to travel alone safely” “. – Bobby’s mum

“I want to use the bus like the other people at college” – Bobby