Every single penny we receive in donations can make a huge difference and 100% of it goes to our fundraising. Why? Because it goes directly towards helping improve the quality of life for those people with learning difficulties who we support. How much you give is not as important as where the money goes – all donations, big and small, have a tangible impact on the lives of our service users. We make a difference to them day in and day out, but we can’t do that without support.

Money might go towards changing the environment around someone in our care, or helping someone attend college, or buying specialist equipment. Everything you give has an impact – which is why Vibrance is a shining example of why it’s better to give than to receive.

Our Specialist Autism Service was delighted to receive a relaxing spa bath

The soothing and calming effects of water can have a hugely positive effect on the human body.  So we were delighted when we were able to provide our specialist Autism Service in Redbridge with a spa bath. This was made possible through donations we had received and which have a substantial and positive impact on the lives of our service users.

Motion activated equipment is a big hit

A multi-sensory environment can bring a raft of advantages to people with learning difficulties.  We were able to provide this equipment thanks to donations we receive, meaning we can provide a safe environment that builds confidence and ability.

The donations have enabled us to install Motion Activated Sensory equipment at three of our services for people with severe and profound sensory and physical impairments.  The stimulation the equipment brings means the user can better engage, react and interact with the world around them, giving those with impairments and challenging conditions a variety of experiences they would not otherwise have.

Donations received for new sensory garden

Sensory gardens create stimulating surroundings that can help engage all the senses.  These types of gardens are popular and therapeutic for many people with a learning disability.  So we were overjoyed to receive funding to put a sensory garden with a raised flowerbed into our allotment at our Green Lane Autism service in Goodmayes, Redbridge.